The deck has been shuffled, welcome to Thal’nasia… or welcome back to Thal’nasia.

I expect most people reading this upon it’s launch will be returning readers, but I hope that in time new people will come along as well. The way this reboot is structured, knowledge of the original comic will give interesting insight into how events have played out differently, but it won’t be required reading. Exposition about the idiosyncrasies of the setting that won’t be efficient to go over again will be added to the lore section of the site that I’ll be adding.

As I’ve said in the news post leading up to this, I’m working on the assets I need to create these scenes as I go, so the old two pages a week schedule is far too aggressive for what I am working with. I’ll be posting a single page a week for now and revisit the scheduling situation once I’m further ahead of myself.

Alterations to the site are going to be a long term process. But I will note that the original comic is still be hosted here, and you can navigate to it with the “Old Comics” button on the menu up top, or with the drop down chapter select that has both Old Comics and News posts to pick from. Everything is still here, but this is now the page you’ll go to when clicking “First”