Hand drawn art has never been my forte, which is pretty clear with my decision to work in 3d. So the cute little drawings I used today were provided by Yukitty. No idea if I’ll make this exact kind of collaboration a regular feature But I’m definitely putting effort into keeping the visuals interesting around here. Even when we get into the deeper darker woods of the plot, Suppression is always gonna have a good bit of people standing around snarking at each other deciding what to do next.

Here’s the full versions of the drawings, since I scaled them down and edited them for comic purposes:
Drawing 1
Drawing 2

Toon Arrie with her mouth open, is an edit and doesn’t exist in a higher resolution… and looks pretty crappy when zoomed in, honestly. (Oh god, I just offhandedly gave chibi Arrie with yoshi’s island coloring the nomenclature of Wind Waker’s Link… and dammit I think I want that to stick)