I suppose you’re all feeling Samantha’s frustration right about now with the once a week schedule. I know I’m already getting impatient.

When I wrote the script I had envisioned releasing entire chapters at once with quite a few pages every week. And perhaps there will come a day when I can do that seamlessly, but for now this is what we are working with.

If I had waited until I was able to post that much at once consistently, I don’t think I would have been posting at all for a few more years. I’m sure I’ve said stuff like this before but I think it matters to stress the finer points of it. At this current rate of one page per week I currently have pages created up until the end of the month, and pages scripted up until the middle of April. That seems like a lot but if I were to release twice a week, that would cut my buffer in half and require me to meet deadlines for each scene in half the time. There’s not really any level of incremental control here. So I won’t be moving the speed up until I’m significantly ahead, even if I’m not satisfied with this pace any more than anyone else would be.