I dunno if it’s been noticeable but I’ve been experimenting with some stylistic choices for the comic in the past few pages. When I write my script I enter into it with the assumption that each line of dialogue gets it’s own panel. But that often leads to scenes with a lot talking to just be a lot of back and forth without much going on. Since the start of the reboot I’ve been seeking to add visual flair to these exchanges, like Arrie’s wind magic in that scene where they are walking. But This scene didn’t call for anything silly like that, so I’ve been doing a good bit of other things like multiple lines per panel, and 2d art for exposition (which only seems like an easy thing to do). Not that stuff like that was alien to the old comic, but I’m trying to be more mindful of presentation this time and not go through the motions in situation where I might have in the past.

Between being burned out from making Gate Crash, and tinkering with style things, this has been a pretty demanding scene despite not much happening. Not that I’m complaining, or saying it’s worth any panic, but this scene has been the least ahead of myself I’ve been for the entire run of the reboot so far. And given that I want to be significantly ahead of myself, that’s not great. I keep promising new lore entries and pushing them back until they “make more sense” but honestly I haven’t given myself the time to put together anything significant.

But I don’t regret that, because I’ve kinda gotten the idea to put together side content in the same vein as “Sigvaldi’s Magic Lesson”. Rather than just giving a lore dump about various subjects… giving that lore dump some personality and diagrams and such rather than a wall of text. No ETA on that, but on the to do list.

In unrelated news, Since the ones I posted before have the most plays of what I’ve posted, I’m gonna assume there have been some takers for my Mario Maker 2 stages.

I’ve got two more that I’d like to share in that case.

Juniors Daycare: TB2-0NF-D3G
Another Boss Rush stage focused on fights with Boom Boom and Bowser Jr together at the same time.
Sky Armada: 020-2DB-KFF
An auto-scrolling Airship stage with different “weapons” on each ship.