Wednesday page? Not even sure what this means for the rest of the week, but at least we’re back. Sorry about the delay, and sorry for not delving into filler filler… It’s not a hiatus if I keep making pages after all. I’ve gotten another major model mostly done over the course of the delay, and Yukitty should be back to some workable capacity now, but again I think Thursday is coming up far too quick to see a page then. We’ll iron this out. Sorry things have been unstable for this, her pages do take longer to make than mine aside from all this front loaded work for making these character and scenes that have put me on hiatus in the first place. So while I can squeeze out a page pretty easily when things aren’t ideal, she’s not really that lucky.

So thanks for being patient, everybody. Both what her pages have in store and my return are both gonna be worth the wait, I swear.

UPDATE: So it’s been one crisis after another and Yukitty’s computer is now broken rather badly. There is one more page to this scene and there WAS going to be another scene after it. The script as it stands isn’t short and I simply don’t need to be on Hiatus for the huge length of time it would take to get through it. So regardless of what Yukitty can create between now and then I’ll be coming off of hiatus on September 8th. Ok scratch the 8th this is bigger than I thought… I have the characters (for the first few scenes) done but I forgot about the changes that need made to Ebon Creek. Sadly this is a less solid promise than before but I’m gonna shoot for the 15th.