MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: This is the end of the current story arc. I’m going on hiatus for a while to prepare some things for the next phase of the story which will be set a few weeks or months in the future from this point. Yukitty will once again be providing guest comics, but we are switching things up this time. Rather than being pure filler, these comics will be things that happen during the time skip. That said the next page on thursday is more fillerish. It was half finished left overs from the first hiatus.

So despite the different style and tone than my own work, these guest pages are gonna be cannon and touch on some information that hasn’t come up before. So be sure to stick around, we’ve got some very fun things planned for it. Like last time I’ll anounce the return date after I’ve taken inventory of what I really need to do and how long it will really take. I’ve got armies to build after all.

But for now I’ll leave you with the commentary for this scene.