We’ve got something a little special this week rather than more blue text. A guest page drawn by Fallingfeather, and scripted by me. This little exchange is set a few hours before Arrie and Sam showed up, and is completely canon.

As for how things are going on my end, I’ve managed to learn quite a bit, and if I only needed to use my current assets, I’d be ready to get back into production. But if you recall, this program switch hit me during a flashback that (and Sally did mention it, so not a spoiler) involves a battle between four people in magitech armor. Unfortunately those models aren’t done, or even started on. I don’t even really have designs planned out. I was originally confident I could sort it out before I needed those models, but now I’ve got a bit more to learn before I can get that off the ground.

And with that said, I think this is an opportunity to really hone my craft. I want to do more than relearn the novice skills I already had. There’s a whole world of 3d skills that I haven’t even considered up to this point. I mean seriously, give this video a watch. It’s about very technical stuff, but it just brushes through a bunch concepts one at a time very quickly. When I see a laundry list of possibilities like that, I can’t help but think it’s time to branch out.

All that said, I’ll be keeping the lights on around here. We’ll be doing something a little less linear, though. I won’t be returning to the main plot for now, but I’ll start making some side stories. That said, I’m not gonna be shy about handing out some lore and details that might have been hidden or slower to reveal in other formats. It’s gonna get weird (and I can’t promise a schedule yet) but hopefully it’ll make it worth hanging around till the dust settles.

UPDATE 3/17:
Current events being what they are with corona virus shut downs, my niece’s daycare is closed and there is a LOT more babysitting in my schedule. Progress was already slow, and this is a solid chunk out of my schedule. Just thought I’d pass that info along to set expectations. I’m sure we’re all doing shit differently these days.