So… there’s quite a few things worth saying right now.

First off, about this page. This IS the start of the guest story arc that will be finishing out the hiatus.

Secondly… the site looks quite different, and the reason is because I got hacked last night.
I didn’t lose anything, and all of the changes are self inflicted because I updated ComicPress which destroyed all the customization I had done to the site over the years. Reverse engineering things to look as they once did has been a taxing endeavor… And things are still a little wonky.

The Archive is back to being thumbnails instead of titles… a feature that I lost when the site crashed around page 50… and not one I particularly missed, but it seems that the archive always wants to work the way I don’t want it to.

I’m not happy with the site yet, but all of the major problems are solved. I’ll be trying the next few days to get things back in order and hopefully better than before. There are some features new features that might suit the comic pretty well so it’s not all bad… just a little bit.