And so we return… kind of. I still have some things to model before I can move forward, but you guys deserve content, so I’m moving forward with my own filler.

A recap might not be the most exciting thing but with as convoluted and out of order as this information has been relayed through the plot I thought it would be a good time to consolidate some things. This may not be new information, but hopefully it WILL provide new insight. If anything it will make a good reference point for any forgotten details.

Just to put you guys on solid footing for what to expect, the next real scene will be Cerene taking Trevor to the hospital. This was the scene that was supposed to be covered in the hiatus to keep me from having to model it… but on top of Yukitty not being able to cover for me anymore, the scene was always over ambitious with a script that was in rough shape and a mess to write for. I’ve decided that I can’t skip it, but it’s another place to model.

So yeah, this is filler. But filler with a function.

In other news, as odd as it is to unwind from creating things by creating things, I now have Super Mario Maker and have put together a few stages. I’d like the share the most extensive one with you guys, so here’s the code for it.

Kamek Kollege: