Sorry for the wait. I’ve got a million and a half reasons that boil down to not getting back into the swing of things after vacation. I really don’t have my pipeline sorted these days, but the next couple of pages shouldn’t come with such a big wait. I’m insanely excited about introducing Maggie. The redesign turned out great. I gotta thank Yukitty for helping turn my silly idea of a orange and purple color scheme into something that actually works. I really wanted to revisit her design after that photo of a black hole came around. I desperately needed to wrap our resident gravity mage in an orange cape.

Maggie was always a character that I regretted not having a chance to do a deep dive into the first time around. I won’t say more until we’re a few pages in and established where she’s going with this, but it’s nice to finally begin laying Maggie’s cards on the table.