Well I think I’ve figured out a production pipeline that makes more sense. Most of the time on this page came from tweaking the script. Maybe I’ll actually get this comic moving again one day.

Finally after all these years, I get to finally make the Solstice and Maggie rivalry official. They never even actually interacted last time but this dynamic was always the plan. It was kinda a shame that it never came up.

Her story last time basically boiled down to that she was gunning for Solstice’s job, but she couldn’t really make headway because of the things her dad had done. She ended up using Bartleby as the face of her political movement, but she was always the one actually pulling the strings even if his ego didn’t allow him to notice.

Other than that, it’s nice to show a bit of the Kuin family. I’m not gonna talk much about them or start listing off names since this isn’t what this page is about. But I’ve been excited from the start to have them around this time.