Halloween AND Christmas landed on update days this year. Usually I’d let things slide and have little bonuses for holidays but this year I went all out for my special things. I hope you guys don’t feel like your missing out on plot for this. I definitely put more effort into Halloween’s “Bad End” and today’s page than I did for the bonus things from the previous year.

For me a distinct Christmas tradition is, once the festivities have ended, coming back to the pile of videogames I’ve accumulated and sampling them all. It’s a unique experience because at all other times I get games one at a time… and my birthday is in the summer so even if I do get games then, it’s nothing like the big name titles that always drop during the holiday season.

I have a Wii U that I bought for myself, but at the time of writing I only own Nintendo land which came with the console… So I will just say that at the time of writing the page I have no idea if the platform making duties of the gamepad player are overpowered or a negligible bonus.