Ok, don’t freak guys. This is the end of following events directly but I’ve got an epilogue in mind to wrap things up.
I’m going to take a very brief single week hiatus to get everything sorted out for the epilogue.
Over the weekend my Father was inducted into the Hall of Valor at Soldiers and Sailors(link provided if you’re curious what that’s all about). He was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam (if you’re curious he’s the second person in this article)… there were fifteen guys getting inducted in the ceremony and they each had their own incredibly fascinating story.

This comes back to effect Suppression purely because the event ate up my entire weekend with family coming into town to watch the ceremony. I’d be fine to make some random page with such little time, but the epilogue is going to take more dedication than that. I know what information I wanna present but I’m not sure entirely how I’d like to present it yet. So I’ll be back next week.