Well at long long last we have the beginning of a new story arc. The asylum arc was fun, and there is still stuff going on there, but it’s finally time to move to something new and start the Thal’nasia arc. I hope you guys like elves because we’re about to be swimming in ’em. (Fun fact: I hate elves in general and won’t be writing them “traditionally” at fucking all) With the new arc come a new look to the site. Might as well give a shout out to Shawn since he’s responsible for what amounted to a reskin but it was what the site needed. We kicked around ALOT of ideas that didn’t pan out before ending up with this. I think I’ll make it tradition to reskin the site for each major story arc.

And another something new for you social networking types, Suppression finally has a facebook page for easy spreading of the word. So go check it out if that’s you thing.

In a last bit of news Formspring is shutting down at the end of the month so I’m gonna have to move my Q&A somewhere else… I’m probably dust off my tumblr page (that I never ended up doing much with) to fill that void… And hell, as long as I’m news posting, Youtube took down about half of my Moral of the Pony videos so I’ve decided to discontinue them. It was fun overanalyzing MLP but it’s not worth the effort if this is what happens.

****BIG UPDATE****
We’ve got a forum now! Shawn set it up after he saw me mention formspring going down. It’s a little bare bones at the moment… I’m betting you guys can help me fix that.