Welcome to the Lore Codex, a collection of information about people, places, organizations, and things in Suppression. The Codex will be expanded along side the comic, with new pages of lore going up as new things to talk about appear. The information here is supplemental and won’t be required to understand the story, but you’ll be able to find insight and depth here that would be tricky to portray directly in the comic without bogging the story down.

Lore pages will be divided up into “Entries” where a certain amount of information is shared. For example, character descriptions will be delivered through the opinions of other characters.

New and updated Lore pages will be announced during comic updates. Pardon the bare bones layout I’ve got at the moment… I’ll be expanding the design as I expand the codex itself.


Arrie Tinderbolt Samantha Wight
Dante Sentor James Narron
Cerene BarnettPhylo Kuin
Alaster WightAzure Neuvet


The Council

The Character page for the old comic can be found here