Age: 25

Entry 1:
Arrie on Sam
Sam’s a Fleshweaver, a doctor who uses necromancy to perform surgery on the living. It’s risky, there are side effects, but it saves lives that can’t otherwise be saved. Since people only turn to Fleshweaving as a last resort, Sam rarely has to actually go to work, and often has little to do when she’s there. The big problem with that being, she’s got a pretty low tolerance for boredom.

She’s quick to complain when she’s bored, and uses complaining in and of itself as entertainment. She’ll often go into entire speeches about the people and things that bother her. I’ve always wondered if she makes it all up on the spot or if she has a massive backlog of rants written out in advance. Who knows, it’s not like she doesn’t have the time.

But even if she’s a total contrarian who’d rather be off seeking thrills, you can always count on Sam when things go bad.