Entry 1:

The Council is the central hub of power for the entire Thal’nasian government. Each of it’s members represents a particular interest when it comes to the operations of the city. The Kuin and Brinks families both produce food, the Kuins focusing on crops while the Brinks raise livestock. The wealthy Sentor family manages economic issues. And the Scholar Society, the only seat traditionally passed through merit rather than pure inheritance, champions policies to discover and spread knowledge.

The city lives on a razor’s edge, and it is the responsibility of the Council to balance stability and ambition. Each member of the Council sets forth to further the goals of their domain, while the others contest their moves when it impeeds their own. The main goal of the Council is to foster the growth of the city in every way. More land, more food, economic growth and breakthrough discoveries. To create a city capable of supporting an even greater population, and to enrich the lives of that population.