Age: 29

Arrie on Cerene:

Just about everyone knows Cerene. She’s quite popular. We went to school with her, though she was a good bit older than us. She had this impossibly ambitious course load back then. Her classes were so varied that even we had classes with her despite the age gap. Not sure where she made time to be so social, but even back then Cerene seemed to be everywhere at once.

And then she got the plague. She’s not allowed up into the Rings anymore so she never graduated. She opened a little shop in Ebon Creek near the lifts that bring people up and down Mount Askarok. It’s pretty popular both among people from the Rings, and the locals of Ebon Creek. Most people would usually avoid a place run by a demon, but they can’t help but make an exception for Cerene.

She’s got the ability to split into multiple versions of herself, and she runs the place all by herself. They all act a bit differently from each other, but they’re all still Cerene deep down.