Survivors of Ebon Creek:

Element : Earth

Iggy is a hermit sculptor, who uses his powers to make abstract art. Formerly a member of Bael Zebul’s crew of survivors. He left on bad terms and holds a grudge against Bael specifically and distrusts the other member of the group. He joined Victus in his quest to rescue Arrie, but questions what they were doing in the town to begin with. In fact, he has trust issues in general, but doesn’t let it stop him from rolling with things.

Technically “Iggy” is his nickname. He firmly believes Bael’s name is an alias and refuses to give his own real name out of spite.

Element: Fire

Formerly a member of Bael’s crew, who abandoned him in the heat of battle. Respects Iggy and thinks he made the right call by leaving town. Prefers to avoid fighting, especially when the odds aren’t in his favor. But he’s pretty tough when cornered. He’d like nothing more than to live out the rest of his days far away from Ebon Creek.

He has a habit of dwelling on details that other people ignore.


Power: Multiple bodies

Another former member of Bael’s crew. She’s very laid back, and let herself (or rather one of her three bodies) get captured so that she could get free food. She explores the Asylum with her other bodies while one is locked up. Nice girl, but doesn’t really think things through.

Each of her bodies has a mind of it’s own though they are linked. This lets her multitask quite efficiently but leaves her arguing with herself on occasion. She also has a lot of trouble deciding what pronouns to use when referring to her other selves.

She can divide her personality and skills amung her bodies to make more specialized fighters. Red Cerene enjoys fighting and uses brute force. Grey Cerene is rather cynical and prefers stealth. Blue Cerene is made of all the aspects of Cerene’s personality that aren’t particularly suited for combat, leaving her pretty much a well meaning ditz. But she often worries that people think she’s annoying, and mostly spends her time moping that she got “stuck with the ditz brain”


Power: Possession.

A man who got the idea to band together every survivor he could get his hands on, and try to make some kind of life for themselves in the ruins of Ebon Creek. Despite the noble goal, Bael is a selfish bastard who abandoned all of them one by one in attempts to save his own skin. It’s earned him a reputation for being incompetent, but don’t take him lightly, the self proclaimed “Demon King” lives up to his name on occasion.


Power: Super Strength

A fun loving, but violent girl. Gleefully quotes songs (with a bit of a leaning toward metal) while beating the tar out of her enemies. A member of Bael’s crew, and one of the few people who is unquestionable loyal to him. She solves her problems with brute force and has trouble getting along with anyone who’d use any other approach.

Though never scared to resort to violence, her love of it comes from the plague. She teeters on the brink of transforming into a demon and has anger issues because of it.


Element: Electricity

Charlie is in it for his own amusement. He’s a firm believer that chaos is inherently fun. He doesn’t take orders from anyone, but he’s happy to move in the general direction of Bael’s goals. In addition to powerful electric attacks, he can also control machines.

Charlie’s sanity is questionable at best. However he knows this and plays it up to unnerve people. When the plague broke out Charlie believed himself to be in the afterlife, and spoke in metaphors related to this. However it’s unclear how much he believes his own claims, but has mostly abandoned them in more recent days.


power: Bone Armor

Morris is a level headed and patient cynic who believes in working toward long term hope. He likes to share his worldview with others, and discourage them from seeking short sighted answers to complex problems. However this leaves him with a tendency to shoot down ideas without offering any of his own.

He has full control over his demonic powers, able to transform into a complete demon form at will. He believes the key to this control is to consider the new violent instincts gained from the plague as part of himself.


Powers: Kirk: ??? Morty: Item duplication and modification

Kirk is a former Soldier who worked for Dr. Grenner. Disgusted by being treated as cannon fodder, he decided to quit after being left for dead. He befriended a small Demon and named it Morty, and started feeding it random objects. Relatively happy go lucky and tends to make decisions on a whim.

Morty has the ability to grow copies of any object he’s eaten, often modified into dangerous weapons. He’s happy to follow Kirk anywhere and is genuinely his “little buddy.”


Element: Ice

A General of the Thal’nasian Military who decided to escort Trevor and Arrie on what should have been a simple supply run. Behaves with the utmost professionalism, and treats everyone around him as soldiers under his command.

The Victus Military Academy, the most prestigious school in Thal’nasia, was named after his family. Though he isn’t personally on the staff, his name caries weight in it’s halls.


Power: Weapon Summoning

A Magitech inventor with a passion for imported mundane technology. His work is generally frowned upon by Thal’nasian society, but he eventually earned himself a contract making weapons for the military. One such invention, which he carries at all times, is a bracer covered in runes that can summon weapons (and other items) from his workshop back home.


Power: Portals

The third member of General Victus’s original party. She was quickly captured and imprisoned in Ebon Creek Asylum. She follows orders to the letter and believes strongly in justice. Has been Trevor’s friend since they were both kids.


The King of Thal’nasia is a free spirit who’s not too pleased with his responsibilities. His political power is a lot less than his title implies, and as far as he sees it only forces him to sit in meetings with very annoying people.

He watches a lot of imported movies and generally thinks humans and their technology is cooler than elves. He decided to grow his beard after watching Lord of the Rings.


Power: Shadow Golems

Solstice is the representative of the Scholar Society on the Thal’nasian council. She’s helpful and kind, but also extremely shy and awkward. She’s an odd little workaholic that will stress over paperwork far more than life and death situations.

With her army of shadow golems she forms the backbone of the bureaucratic side of Thal’nasia. It’s not uncommon to see her little “shadow interns” running around town with stacks of paper. She also runs a coffee shop staffed entirely by her golems.


A war hero of the Blood Red Rebellion. He lost his arm and eyes personally fighting the renegade general Horace Tyburn. He and his niece are the last living members of the Kuin family. He has a bad attitude and is quick to threaten violence, but he’s actually rather level headed when push comes to shove.

His plant magic provides crops for Thal’nasia, a job once fulfilled by the entire Kuin family. He represents the flora side of the Environmental Fabrication Society of Thal’nasia.


Like Phylo, Roni represents the Environmental Fabrication Society. She also comes from a family of farmers, but the Brinks family focuses on livestock rather than plants.

Roni doesn’t take her job on the council very seriously, and plays video games throughout every meeting. But despite appearances, she does pay attention and will occasionally chime in with sharp cynical insight.


With his leystone covered magitech armor, Kevin is Thal’nasia’s personal super hero. He’s a little slow on the uptake and relies more on emotions and gut feelings to make his decisions.

As a council member Kevin represents Thal’nasia’s bank, which his family operates. But in practice he just spends his time watching the back of his best friend Solstice. More than anyone in the council he has a reputation of being incompetent, but he actually is incredibly good at math and knows the economy like the back of his hand. He’s just too disinterested to use those skills.


Mara is the current general of the red division of Thalnasia’s army. Though she is quite young for the job she managed to claim the seat that has been vacant for most of her life. Public opinion of the Reds is rather low and many Red officers have refused promotion.

As the only person both qualified and willing to take the job she quickly climbed the ranks and became the youngest general, and has had the position for less than a year so far. As the representative of the Reds she’s stuck in a constant struggle to gain respect for and from her troops… as well as respect for herself. So far it has not gone very well.

She fights by combining an incomplete version of her family’s plant magic with her own fire elemental attacks to trap foes and then set the traps ablaze. She has the title Burning Field for this combination of skills.


As the Green General of Thal’nasia, Coin is a very heroic person. He will speak at length about ideals such of honor, valor and courage. Most people find him to be rather corny and hard to take seriously, but his overblown speeches are often hard to argue against.

He fights with a combination of earth and wind magic, allowing him to levitate metal objects such as his own armor and swords. He summons a large number of swords when he fights and keeps them floating behind him in the shape of wings. He uses his wind powers to extend the reach of his sword slashes. This fighting style has earned him the title of Iron Storm.


Trevor’s Brother. He’s as interested as his brother in Magitech, but is more of a scholar than inventor. Eric does most of the research that makes the things Trevor makes possible. He and his brother live in a dorm across the hall from the library in the researcher’s wing of Victus Military Academy. Neither of them are currently students, as is common among the residents of the researcher’s wing. Eric is a graduate, and Trevor decided to stay with him when he was placed in the school while working on his military weapon contract.


Weapon: Magitech Scorpion armor

Azgrut is a Magitech Engineer that died at a young age and was brought back by the Wights with the help of Santris retrieving the body. He designed the DemonSlayer Mechs. He’s far more affiliated with Santris than the Wights themselves and dislikes dealing with them.

He sees his undead life as a second chance to further his neglected field. He’s not concerned with the morals or ethics behind his creations. Not least of all because it has been made clear that his opinions on the matter aren’t wanted.


Element: Light

Bartleby is History Professor at Victus Military Academy. He firmly believes in the superiority of elves over humans. However history has not been kind in proving him right, as he is reluctant to admit. He sees magitech as a means to overcome the lack of progress his society has suffered from.

He has allied with Santris and the Wights with his own distinct stake in the plan. He wants to overthrow the Thal’nasian government and force elven progress to outpace human society.

He fights with Light based magic, and can channel his mana through his wing-like cape to fly.


Element: Gravity

Maggie is head librarian of Victus Military Academy. Her personality is a wall of contradictions. She values hard work, but does everything effortlessly with magic. She’s very serious and professional but also very laid back.

She knows many spells that alter the laws of physics in a small area. Her favorite of these spells being her control of gravity that allows her to float or crush objects… even to the point of creating small black holes.


Alaster is a bit of a mystery. His motives are unclear, and his loyalties unidentifiable. He claims to have pride in his family name in the same breath as he declares his undying hatred of every member of his family. He’s eccentric and a self proclaimed “sadistic badass bastard” but otherwise is a rather nice guy… maybe. He addresses people as “my friend” at any rate.

Element: Wind
Weapon: Scythe

Better known as Merry, the nickname given to her by her older Brother Alaster. Merry is torn between high society professionalism and brutal viciousness that have both played key roles in the Wight family history. She’s pragmatic and logical, but has a soft spot for tradition. She channels wind magic through her scythe, and also knows Necromancy.


A grim little girl who believes life to be little more than a miserable string of crushing failures and fleeting victories stretched out before the abyss of death. This leads her to make rather rude and cutting remarks. Tends to show up unexpectedly, and is difficult to get rid of.


Power: Acid blood and Poison breath

Jericho wears a hazmat suit at all times and constantly exhales poison. The tendency of his opponents injuring themselves when attempting to fight him has left him overconfident. He enjoys watching people struggle in vain but gets bored of it when they take too long to give up.


Elements: Shadow, Fire, Blood

Power: Necromancy

The father of Samantha and Jericho.  A nervous and mopey fellow who doesn’t seem too pleased with his lot in life. He’s not on very good terms with his children but is one of the few members of the family who has no difficulty speaking with Maxwell, their leader and his own brother. He might not seem like much, but he’s the second in command, and he lives up to his job. He follows the path of least resistance in life, and sometimes it goes through people.


Element: Shadow

Powers: Strength and Speed

The man who’s taken up the reigns of the Wight Family. He keeps a calm, cool and collected demeanor but it masks that it’s actually quite easy to irritate him. He’s extremely dangerous in a fight, and expects his enemies to surrender after a show of force.


Power: Strength, Invulnerability, Mind Control

William is a left over undead weapon from the old days when the Wight Empire nearly conquered the world. A historical boogie man that most Thal’nasians believe to be symbolic of an undead army rather than a single person.

However William is very much real, and very much deserving of the hype. In addition his imposing stature and absurd strength William has also stored the souls of his enemies in his body. Entire armies worth of souls swirl around inside of him, reduced to a mindless sea of eternal torment. He can use these souls to posses people around him. The process is fatal if his victims are not freed from his control within a few minutes.


An immortal lich, the twin brother of the Wight Empire’s founder, King Law. Sigvaldi has few kind words to say about his brother and would prefer he not be resurrected. He likes to refer to himself in the third person for dramatic effect.

Sigvaldi can levitate at will, which he does pretty much constantly. Swiftly moving from place to place, and pose to pose between sentences when he talks, which is often. Sigvaldi tends to dominate any conversation he’s in, not giving others a chance to speak for long periods of time.


King Law is first and foremost a huge viking zombie. He was the leader of the original Wight Empire. Though he ruled through force, he lived in a time when such a thing was common, and he sees no reason to demonize his actions. Law is honorable but brutal; fiercely dedicated to the dominance of his own people.

But with all that said, Law considers his every action to be completely justified regardless of how cruel it actually is. A mentality that is completely at odds with his brother’s.

Doctors of the Asylum:

An abnormally tall man seeking a cure to the plague at any cost. A former psychologist, and chief administrator of Ebon Creek Asylum before the plague broke out. He is rather apologetic of the methods he uses, but this doesn’t seem to impede him. Part of a three way alliance with Santris Industries and the Wight Family. He distrusts them, but would reach a dead end in his research without their resources.

Despite his lanky appearance he’s strong enough to block one of Sally’s super strength punches single handed.


Far more unscrupulous than his colleague Grenner, Kolt actively enjoys capturing and experimenting of the plagued residents of Ebon Creek. The only remaining member of the asylum’s medical staff. His dedication to understanding the plague has left him massively over exposed, and he can barely be classified as human.


The CEO of Santris Industries, a large military grade weapon manufacturer. He has a deal with the Wights, and supplies them with weapons and machines such as the Demonslayer Mechs. He in turn made a deal with Grenner for the use of the Asylum as a staging ground for his operations in Ebon Creek. He plays himself as a middle man between Grenner and the Wights, and tries to remain neutral in their conflicts of ideals.

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