Just a heads up ahead of time, next week’s page is going to be filler. The next few pages are pretty ambitious, and this one just happened to land while my brother’s family will be in town and I’ve got prep work to take care of for that as well as family festivities to take part in while they are here. So I’m swapping in a bit of filler just to give myself the breathing room to make things go smoothly on my end.

This filler is going to be akin to Sigvaldi’s magic lesson from the original run of the comic, something I’ve already mentioned wanting to do so I guess this won’t be much of a shock. But the particulars of this are, I’ll be dropping lore lesson fillers sporadically when I need this kind of breathing room, but I’ll be moving them to the lore section and removing them from the archive of the comic (by changing their category like how the old comics don’t show up in the reboot’s archive). So in the long run they won’t break the flow for new readers who come after the fact, but they’ll still be around on the site providing useful and interesting info about the setting.