As a bit of whiplash, I think it’s time to link something very unrelated to this comic that I’ve been working on lately.  A little something dealing with the “Better-than-it has-any-right-to-be-show” known as My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic that has been sweeping the internet for a while now.  I’ve had alot of extra free time lately, which I’d love to be able to work harder on Suppression with, but can’t because the cause of the free time is that I don’t get to spend as much time with my best bro who helps me get my ideas for the comic sorted out.   So instead I’ve started working on a this.  So if you’d like to hear me ramble about ponies for 11 minutes, knock yourself out.  I’m gonna be making a whole series of these, one for every episode of that show.

Yes I get that this is a really weird thing to see out of me given that I’m grimdark as all hell over here.  “Brighter the picture, the darker the negative”… the reverse can be true too.  Yes I just quoted the first Two-face episode of Batman the Animated Series.  Do I get to keep my street cred now?