Happy new year.  My resolution is directly involved in Suppression and it’s results are already visible today.  For a long time I’ve been torn about how to handle pacing… some scenes have great pacing internally, but take weeks to tell.  Other scenes give alot of information on every page, but cram everything.  When I sit down with a page’s script, I know what I want to happen by the end of the page and I write accordingly… I’ve cut so many jokes… so much character depth relevant stuff just to keep the pages a uniform length.

But in the end… WHY?  So one day the comic can be printed as a book?  Seems every webcomic artist shoots for that, but the aim is directly toward our own feet.  The internet provides a billion tools to play with the format and barely anyone scratches the surface.  For now what I’m saying is expect the old page length to be more of a minimum than anything else.  I want every update to this comic to be something significant.